Final Training (Posted 1-29-2010)

We have successfully completed another requirement toward our departure clearance for Spain. Last week we spent three days in Littleton, Colorado, enjoying sessions on aspects of our first few months in Spain. Here are at least three of our takeaways:

1. A key indicator for healthy cross-cultural transition to Spain will be how we meet our needs. If we gradually seek social and emotional health from people within the culture, we are successfully adapting. The more we run to our American or expat friends on facebook, the worse the culture shock has mastered us.

2. When we don’t understand something in our new culture, we turn to our own assumptions, which may be wrong. We must be willing to adjust assumptions!

3. The International Ministry Directors (Essentially WorldVenture leaders over each continent) define our first term success rather simply: survive and come back for a second term!

4. We are grateful to be a part of WorldVenture.  The leadership provided much care and wisdom for us last week and we feel very encouraged to know that we have many “cheerleaders” at our home office.

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