Lists, Lists, and More Lists (Posted 4-1-2010)

Julie and I have recently fallen prey to wall listing. What, you ask, is wall listing? It means previous to-do-before-Spain lists written on our respective laptops are now insufficient to keep us united as we pack. The lists were growing, and we were overlapping some tasks, missing others. So, in order to stay on pace to leave in decent sanity, we brainstormed for a couple hours and typed up everything we need to get done. Then we plastered them to the wall. Now we meet at the wall, cross off items together, and smooch with each completed task. It’s been good for our marriage.

What is included on these lists? We broke them into nine categories: packing, apartment, paperwork, miscellaneous, Julie’s tasks, Chad’s tasks, and WorldVenture requirements. Instead of boring you too much, I’ll only give you one example. Packing includes such details as researching shipping options, setting up appointment with shipping company, packing books, researching new luggage, buying luggage, and more.

Who knew that leaving the country would be so much?

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