Chad, Eric, Or Chema? (Posted 6-4-2010)

One of the first things I (Chad) have noted in meeting Spaniards is that my name isn’t all that easy to pronounce, and consequently, probably isn’t all that easy to remember. “Chad” comes out more naturally to the Spanish tongue like “Chat,” and this reminds them of online chatting programs. When our mentor missionary asked a Spaniard what he thought of my name, he laughed a little bit and said, “that’s a very funny name.”

So, talking to my fellow missionaries, I am faced with four options: toss Chad and pick something totally new (Paco anyone?),  go by my middle name (Eric — not a Spanish name, but it’s easier to pronounce), go by the name chema (very common Spanish name that sounds similar to Chad), or stick with Chad. Right now I think we’re leaning towards Eric, but we’ll see.

By the way, Julie’s name isn’t a problem. She is now Julia (pronounced “hoolia”). She’s so lucky; not only does she have dashingly good looks, she has an easy name to remember.

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