Limbo (Posted 5-2-2010)

We are in limbo right now. To tell you the truth, limbo for us feels probably a little bit like it does for this guy–not so cool. We don’t have our visas, and we continue to pack and wait in a little place called Normal. Ironic, huh?

As Julie and I sat down to eat our date night Chipotle burrito, I was struck by a realization. “I think God is the only one who doesn’t want us to get our visas right now.” Many of you have been writing and encouraging us, saying you are praying, saying you are hoping for the visa call. Thank you for your prayers. We would love to be on our way.

But Julie noted an important truth. “God’s timing is most important.” So we continue to wait, praying for the faith to trust knowing that God has good purposes in the obscurity.

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