Visa Update (Posted 5-10-2010)

This morning the phone finally rang with a 312 area code. Over the last 8 weeks, every time the phone rang, Julie and I were hopeful that the screen would read those three digits. Why is that? 312 is the area code for the Chicago Spanish consulate, and no one else from 312 would be likely to call. Thus, if 312 was calling, Chad’s visa was in and we could purchase our tickets. If 312 was calling, we could finally be out of limbo!

So, why am I not excited to receive a call from a 312 code? Last week Julie called the consulate to check on our visas. This was a little risky, because the consulate told us, “Don’t call us, we’ll call you,” and we didn’t want to bother them and hinder our relationship. But when she called, we found out Chad’s visa was in! This, of course, seemed to be thrilling news. We can finally move to book tickets, complete packing details, and be on our way. Or so we thought.

Complicating factors have kicked into high gear. Tickets that we originally hoped to use were unavailable, other ticket options are rising in cost, and our team isn’t in an ideal place to receive us right now because senior members are nearing their furlough.

Worst of all, the consulate originally told Julie last week her visa could likely be in as soon as this week. But when 312 finally came a calling this morning, the Spanish consulate notified us that Julie’s visa may not be in for 1-2 months!

Do we wait another 1-2 months to leave? Do we go now and have Julie fly back to the states to pick up her visa in four weeks? We are asking God for an alternative resolution to these issues. Would you please pray with us?

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