Examples (Posted 11-19-2010)

I thought it might be fun to give you some examples of questions on my practice autoescuela tests. Join me for a moment in the madness!

  1. 1.Drivers, when going backwards from stationary position, are required to wear seat belts:
  2. a.in roads inside of populated areas, but not in unpopulated.
  3. b.both in populated and unpopulated areas.
  4. c.only in urban roads or populated areas.


  1. 2.When equipping your vehicle overhead, how much can you exceed the posterior of your vehicle?
  2. a.up to 10%
  3. b.not at all
  4. c.a third of the longitude total of your vehicle


  1. 3.In order to control or reduce a hemorrhage in the extremities, is it convenient to apply, as needed, a tourniquet?
  2. a.yes, if the hemorrhage is on the leg
  3. b.yes, for being the most effective means
  4. c.no, a tourniquet only is a last resort


  1. 4.Is the use of your gasoline influenced by the pressure of your tires being superior to the recommended pressure?
  2. a.yes, diminished, although also diminishing the adherence of your tires to the road.
  3. b.yes, increasing it
  4. c.no, it doesn’t influence it.
  1. 5.Is it prohibited to stop or station your vehicle in a double parking position when there doesn’t exist an adequate place in the proximity’s?
  2. a.Park yes, but not to stop, always as the vehicle does not cause potential for danger.
  3. b.Yes, it’s prohibited to stop or station your vehicle.
  4. c.No, except if it impedes others or the road is too narrow.
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