Iglesia (6-21-2010)

The congregation of Iglesia Evangélica Pueblo Nuevo welcomed us again this morning with overwhelming warmth and fellowship. Many of the 45 member congregation greeted us, kissing with the typical Spanish greeting: one kiss on each cheek. We have been asking God to minister through us with the warmth of our smile and our non-verbals, but it seems that so far these dear people have done the ministering to us. A woman volunteered to us help us find a cheeper apartment. An elder in the church presented us with an elaborate book on Spanish culture through the arts. And after the service an absolutely amazing family had us over for gazpacho, paella, and frog mellon. Yum!

We harbored some extra nervousness this morning, as we were without an English translator. Our first day attending, our senior missionary mentor Ed Gudeman guided us around and helped us dodge faux paus. But for the next three months, we jump into the deep of language learning, and it’s time to sink or swim! I’m sure there are many mistakes around the corner, where all we can do is doggy-paddle. But God is with us, and so we’ll go on, singing with Dori from Finding Nemo (“Just keep swimming…”).

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