Official Residency (Posted 8-20-2010)

A couple of days ago I (Chad) waited in a line outside of a government building in the south of Madrid. The sign at the front of the line read, “information only,” but through experience, I knew this was actually the line for residency cards. The sign that reads “residency cards” is actually the line for information. How do you know this? Intuition, I guess. I’m not very intuitive though. I learned the correct line because I had instructions from my team. I felt bad for the dozens of people wandering around confused, and for the government worker directing traffic. Of course, he could just switch the signs.

Anyway, I picked up my residency card, so it’s now official. I am an official resident of Spain. Julie is about 40 days away from her official status. Woohoo!

But wait, residency isn’t all good. I can’t drive a car with out a Spanish driver’s license now; I’m no longer a “tourist.” No problem, just trot down to a licensing office, pass a test, and pay a fee, right? Not even close. Stay tuned for the inordinate requirements for licensing in Spain.

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