Our First Spanish Wedding (Posted 11-28-2010)

Last weekend we experienced our first Spanish wedding. We were incredibly privileged to be invited, and we thoroughly enjoyed the celebration. The day included many of the features of a American wedding, but we also noted some differences:

  1. -The general atmosphere was much more vivacious. For example, when the bride walked down the isle, a friend of hers shouted out, “What a beauty!”
  2. -There was soooo much food. I think there were six courses over the course of 3-4 hours of eating: fish, lamb, pork, salad, etc.
  3. -The couple was addressed as “los novios” or “the girlfriend/boyfriend” throughout the day. They were called this even after the vows and declaration of marriage.
  4. -In between the ceremony and the post-ceremony party, the novios went to a park to get their pictures taken. It was at this point that the crowd threw confetti, rice, and other miscellaneous items at them.
  5. -You do not register for gifts in Spain. It is more common to give a monetary gift to help pay for the day.
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