¡Qué Calor! (Posted 7-21-2010)

Last night at our churches prayer meeting the first fifteen minutes of small talk involved the topic of this miserable heat. One woman exclaimed a couple of times, “¡Que Calor!” (What heat!). And what heat it is. High temperatures fluctuate anywhere between 90-100 degrees, more often near 100 it seems. And in the evenings, the cool down doesn’t do much to temper discomfort.

You might be thinking, “Come on, you guys! You did live in Dallas!” This is true. The weather here is very similar to the heat of Dallas, but with one grand difference: air conditioning. In Dallas, you have to “deal” with the heat on your walk outside to and from your car, right back into the 68 degree air conditioned house, store, work, etc. In Madrid, air conditioning is a luxury that 90 percent of homes, apartments, and businesses simply don’t take advantage of. It’s simply too expensive.

So Julie and I are experiencing a minor culture shock experience with the temperatures. It is especially challenging to concentrate on Spanish studies in the late afternoons, at the peak of the heat. But, as one man consoled last night, “Don’t worry. It’s only hot like this one or two months out of the year.”

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