Routine (Posted 11-3-2010)

The discipline of scripture reading plans don’t always leave you with the feelings of God’s special Word specially post marked for you. But a few weeks ago God delivered some words to brighten the path of our journey.

One of our temptations is to labor through language learning so that we can reach the real goal of more invested ministry work. But God desires to strengthen us through the sometimes monotony of conjugating hundreds of Spanish verbs. He also desires that we enjoy the process.

In Ecclesiastes, the teacher constantly encourages the listener/reader to enjoy his or her work. “There is nothing better for people than to eat and drink and to find enjoyment in their work” (2:24; similar statements in 5:18; 8:15; 9:10; etc). These words were especially encouraging for me (Chad) because I have a tendency to work so hard at learning and forget that I actually should enjoy the work. This season is a gift from God, and these conjugations should be enjoyed!

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