Santiago Bernabéu (Posted 12-23-2010)

A friend of ours was able to snag some great seats for last night’s match between Real Madrid and Levante at Santiago Bernabéu stadium. Before the game, on the walk, the rain was falling and the icy cold wind was blowing. We were excited, but none of us were looking forward to the wet seats.

But, much to our surprise, the seats were under an overhang of the stadium: dry and comfy. And we had heaters above our heads to keep us toasty. And here’s the best part, the game was out of the this world; Real Madrid won 8-0 on a barrage of mystifying goals from Ronaldo and the gang. It’s not often that you see a soccer game with 8 goals, let alone 8 goals by one team. See basically all of the highlights here.

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