Siesta (Posted 9-19-2010)

Do Spaniards really take an afternoon nap? During university studies our professor of culture lectured on the Spanish siesta. She said that the siesta is more than just a nap, it’s a period of time between 2-4 pm that many Spaniards take to rest, recharge or alleviate tensions from the day.

For whatever reason, I had been thinking that the siesta fell out of existence in a more modern Spain, or at least that younger generations didn’t utilize it as much. But then our class fulfilled an assignment where we took a survey to random Spaniards. The results were surprising. Almost everyone surveyed took a 15-30 minute nap during the siesta, as well as a relaxing time on the sofa to clear their heads. I found it interesting to sit across from a 40 year old business man on the metro who spoke seriously about going home during siesta to rest on the sofa, and then presumably head back to work to finish up the day.

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