Spreading Cheer (Posted 9-26-2010)

We attended PILAT language training a few months back in Colorado Springs. I remember the instructor giving us some pithy statements to take and hopefully encourage us to press on. One statement has been particularly valuable for me: “Just remember class, wherever you go, you are spreading cheer!”

How true that is! I know for a fact that I leave a trail of laughter behind me, wherever I’m going. My blunders range from the totally nonsensical sentence (“Last week, I am going to the palace with my’s friend, what did you do next week?”), to the unfortunately sensical (“This {this object, not person} is my wife Julia.”). When our painter arrived to paint our apartment three weeks ago, I opened the door and meant to tell him “Welcome to our apartment!” Instead I said, “Congratulations!” I could tell that my mistake would provide him with subject matter over the dinner table with his wife.

But if instead of pouting about it, why not concede that I’m helping people gain a few laughs?  And if you want to successfully learn a language, continually pressing in isn’t optional. So, we continue to ask the Lord to help us press in and spread more and more cheer.

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