The Blessings (Posted 6-28-2010)

Hey. This is Julie. Since we arrived in Spain four weeks ago today, I think it is time for me to share a few highlights of our new adventure.  God has been good to us – Enjoy!

•Our church seems to be wonderful.  The people are warm and kind and have made us feel welcome.  This morning a woman gave me a necklace she had made.  They also let us practice our Spanish and speak Spanish to us even though we can’t understand very much yet.

•It is a delight to worship at church through song and in Spanish, of course.  Each week there are a few songs we know and then there are other songs we don’t know.  The first week we sang, “Great is Thy Faithfulness.” Another week we sang, “Standing on the Promises,” and this week we sang the chorus, “Lord Most High.”  I remember a special moment when I was a student at Moody when God really spoke to me through “Lord Most High.”  It is a comfort to know that the same God who met with me then met with me today in a worship service in a small church in Spain.  “From the ends of the earth…your name be praised…Exalted in every nation, Sovereign of all creation, Lord Most High, Be magnified.”

•Last week a woman from our church asked us why we are here.  We tried to say something in Spanish and she told us that we could tell her in English.  (She understands English very well.)  We shared from our hearts what we understand the spiritual needs in Spain to be and how we would like to serve the church in Spain and be an encouragement.  She responded to us in Spanish and although we thought we understood some of what she said, we asked her to clarify.  With emotion on her face she said, “What you are doing is incredible.  You are a gift.”  What an encouragement that was to us!

•This week we sat across from a young couple who shared with us what it is like to be a Christ-follower in Spain.  They said, “You are the only Christian wherever you go…others make fun of you and think you are weird…you wonder if you are the only one who believes.”  I can honestly say that I’ve never experienced being the only Christian somewhere.  Christians here have to have great courage to live for Christ.  Their testimony was such a challenge to me.

These highlights are four things that encourage us to press hard into learning the language and the culture.  We are excited to worship the Lord in Spanish and to participate in the church service more, and we can’t wait to start building relationships with others for the goal of sharing Christ’s love with them.    Thank you for praying for us!

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