Bull Fight and Horse Show (Posted 11-16-2011)

A couple months back we went with our good friends to two different events to experience a specific side of the Spanish culture: a bull fight and a horse and dance show. Our friends tried to prepare us for what we were about to see with the bull fight, and despite their best efforts, we didn’t quite understand what we were getting into. I mean, I knew that a guy romped around like a rooster and waved around a red flag, “fighting” a bull. But let’s just say that the bull fight was a little more about the blood, the gore, and the slow painful death of innocent animals.

The horse show and dance extravaganza was fabulous. The horse trainers had developed the skills of these particular horses to walk in stride with the beat of music, while other dancers also presented traditional forms of dance, choreographed alongside the horses. It was very fascinating.

We are so thankful for our friends Pedro and María. They are committed to helping us learn more about the culture and language. But most of all, they are really great people and great friends. It’s fun to spend time with them at events like these.

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