Home (Posted 7-28-2011)

Home.  One of my favorite words and places this past year.  Home brings lots of thoughts to mind, especially for a missionary.  Is home in the US?  Is it another person’s home in which you often visit/stay?  Is it where you used to live?  Is it where you are now?  Chad and I spent our first 6.5 years of marriage in school housing, apartments that we could make work, and “homeless/traveling.”  When we arrived in Spain, I was more than ready to begin my home, and I have spent much time this past year creating our home and enjoying it.  It’s definitely been a big part of the way I have coped with culture shock.  God provided an amazing apartment that is perfect in nearly every way for our needs.  Then, I have cooked and cooked.  We furnished and decorated our apartment (although we still have bare walls!).  I have planted flowers and herbs and veggies in pots on our balcony.  We’ve hosted meals, overnight guests, team meetings…etc.  And, did I mention that I’ve cooked?

A couple of weeks some friends kindly suggested that I begin a cooking blog.  I dismissed the idea immediately because everyone has a blog, right?  And, to be honest, I only keep up occasionally with one or two and not that many people read ours.  There’s also the fact that I’m not an original/true cook.  I cook from recipes and learn from others.  So, no cooking blog.  However, last week we spent the week with some dear friends.  My friend and I spent much of the week in the kitchen together sharing home tips and recipes…etc.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and have been back this week trying all sorts of new (to me) things.  This led me to thinking about a general blog about the home, and finally Chad suggested that I just add my thoughts to our blog instead of creating a separate one.  Thus, there will now be all sorts of random things related to the home and kitchen on our blog.  Maybe it will turn more into information about living overseas or maybe it will be details about a missionary home.  We’ll see together what becomes of this.  For now, I’ll tell you that my home is in Madrid, Spain, and I LOVE it.

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