Last Week in Bristol (Posted 6-23-2011)

Last week I (Chad) spent some time at Trinity University in Bristol with my boss Ed Gudeman. I went for a variety of reasons. Probably foremost was that I had an opportunity to get away and find some rest and refreshment in the best way I know how: sitting in a library surrounded by commentaries and books in theology. To tell the truth, I really needed to step away from Spanish and re-jog my memory of my love for the Scriptures. Teaching Bible and theology is, after all, a major reason I am here. Spanish was bogging me down a bit.

Another reason I went is that Ed presented a paper on the use of Leviathan in the Scriptures, in preparation for his doctoral thesis in Revelation. I considered it a privilege to support him as he presented in front of the likes of Gordon Wenham, David Wenham, and Craig Bartholomew. Dr. Bartholomew asked him a question and didn’t utilize a single verb with less than four syllables. I offered to throw Ed a couple of softballs questions after his paper like, “So how what is your favorite verse in Leviathan studies?” or “How do you spell Leviathan again?” But he didn’t let me.

Another reason for going was to rub shoulders with professors from the university and ask questions about doctoral studies. I would still love to explore a doctorate someday if God wills. I would particularly be interested in studying under someone like David Wenham. He is a fine Gospels and Pauline scholar that seemed interested in some of the topics I was kicking around. We shall see.

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