Sol Protests (Posted 6-5-2011)

A few weeks ago protests sprang up in the streets of Sol, a major district in the heart of Madrid. The protests grew into something of a campground or compound with tents, couches, beds, venders, etc. Signs and posters cover advertisements and hinder local businesses from normal functioning. And these protestors have been in the streets to stay.

The protests are centered around a key theme: indignation. They are mostly 20 and 30 somethings, and the majority are indignant because they have lived for years without work or the hope work. They are indignant with Spanish government that does next to nothing to relieve their plight. They are indignant that nothing is on the horizon; there is little or no hope for an economic resurgence. What do the protestors hope to accomplish? More than anything, it seems that they want to be heard. They are fed up with their government, and though they are something of a minority voice, they want the world to know that they are not happy. What better way to accomplish this than clog the streets of a tourism hotspot? Whether or not there are roots for alternate political party or new movement remains to be seen.

Sometimes we help out with a ministry called Kilometro Cero, an evangelistic ministry that takes to the streets, usually passing out literature and sharing the good news with people in Sol. However, as a result of these protests, Kilometro Cero has needed to relocate to less populated areas. They have been unwelcome in the midst of the protestors. Please pray for peace between ministers with Kilometro Cero and the protestors.

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