Spain and Evangelicalism (Posted 6-27-2011)

I have been reading a book entitled “La España Evangélica Ayer y Hoy” (“Evangelical Spain Yesterday and Today”) by José Martínez in order to get more of a feel for the history of the evangelical church in Spain. I am discovering that the history of the evangelical church here has faced remarkably consistent challenges and has subsisted the entirety of its short existence as an overwhelming minority.

I think one example will suffice. Evangelical churches didn’t really exist until the mid-nineteenth century. And after at least fifty years of evangelistic efforts, conferences, and missions work, in 1923, Carlos Araujo García estimated that there were 166 congregations with around 6,000 members. Total protestants in country was estimated at 22,000. This was up only a few small percentage points from figures in 1886. Martínez states, “the numerical growth for over 40 to 50 years had been next to nothing.”

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