Spain is Less Catholic (Posted 8-7-2011)

This was the title of an interesting article in a popular Spanish newspaper this afternoon. The article suggests that over the last decade the percentage of professing catholics (those who would identify themselves as catholic) has dropped by ten percentage points. Some of the statistics in the article:

  1. -In 2001, 81 percent of the country was professing catholic. Today, the          percentage is below 71 percent.
  2. -The belief in catholicism changes drastically with age variation. only around half of those between the age of 18 and 24 would call themselves catholic. Older generations are much more likely to call themselves catholic.
  3. -In 2001, 14 percent of Spaniards were professing atheists. Today the number is around 25 percent.
  4. -Today, 13 percent of of professing catholics attend mass regularly. This is down from 19 percent in 2001.

The article left a few gaps for me. For example, were the statistics limited to Spaniards or do they include immigrants? Also, I wonder what the number of agnostics would be in addition to those who profess atheism? I have already met a few catholics who would also call themselves agnostics.

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