The Market (Posted 10-27-2011)

Several months ago I (Julie) said that I was going to begin blogging about home, which may include food, gardening, tips…etc.  Well, here is my first blog!  Haha.  I know several of you have been waiting.  There are lots of reasons for my delay.  The main reason is that I have been going through such changes in my thinking on food that it has been hard to know what to share and where to begin.  I still don’t have an answer to that.  So, I’ll just launch in and see where we end up.

For several years now, I have been in love with farmer’s markets.  I love the charm and romance of a market with fresh produce, flowers, natural ingredients…etc.  I love the idea of purchasing food from the grower to help them in their business and to take home the best local produce I can find for the lowest price.  As I said, this is not a new feeling or opinion of mine, but it did take me a while to convince my husband that it was worth the extra grocery stop.  Thanks to Food, Inc. (documentary) and 101 Food Rules by Michael Pollan (book), my husband has been convinced and we now have a date every Thursday morning to the local market.

The Spanish ‘mercadillo’ is different than the farmers markets in the States.  The items sold are fresh produce, clothes, and miscellaneous household products.  Thus, there are no fresh flowers or local homemade products.  😦  At our local market, there are about 20 fresh produce stands and most of the vendors shout continuously about their low prices.  When you decide you want to purchase something from a vendor, you have to find out who is the last person in line and you do this by asking, “¿Quien es el ultimo?”  Once you know, it is your job to keep track of your place in line and to speak up when it is your turn.  (This can be quite stressful, which is why I try to find short lines.  🙂  My personal goal for the market is to not spend more than 1 euro for any item.  I don’t always succeed, but I think this helps me to stick to what is most in season and to look for the best deals.  Plus, I just enjoy making a competition out of it for myself.

We were out of pretty much everything today, so here is what we brought home.

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