What’s New? (Posted 1-27-2011)

Ever get preoccupied with a project such that you stop to take a breath, look around, and notice that you have neglected other regular tasks–like updating your blog? We haven’t updated our blog these last 10 days, but it certainly isn’t for lack of desire or boredom with life. Here’s a few things that are going on:

  1. Chad has taken language learning to the streets, out around the block of our neighborhood daily. Consequently God has opened doors for friendships with a couple of guys in the community. He has also started a class taught at our cultural center over the history of Spain. Julie’s language learning in January has been based primarily through relationships with women in our church.
  2. We are both working hard on language in auto school. Chad is into his fourth month, and Julie is in month one. We originally had as a goal to get our license by the end of January. Now we know, for us, that’s simple not happening.
  3. Chad is excited to attend and hopefully invite some folks to an Alpha class this semester. The class will either kick off February 8 or 15.
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