3 Year Anniversary (Posted 6-5-2013)

Last week we celebrated our 3rd anniversary in Spain.  I shared a brief testimony in church and took a cake to our church luncheon the Sunday before.  The day of we went to a Spanish pueblo with friends from our church.  Then, a couple of days later, good (American) friends took us out for a special Tex-Mex dinner.  (It was good Tex-Mex, too.)  In addition, on the anniversary, I posted some different things on Facebook.

One of my posts was as follows, “Some things I love about my life in Spain (in no particular order): Sunshine, Gazpacho, Driving through the countryside, Hanging my laundry to dry, Our church, Sweet friends, Living in Europe, Growing flowers on our balcony, Fresh produce from the market, Cafe con leche (Coffee), That my husband is now a coffee drinker, Olives, All-day lunches, Speaking Spanish, My thermomix, Hiking in the mountains, Starbucks, Worshiping God in Spanish…And so much more! I  Spain!”

It is true.  I love many things about my life in Spain and there are many beautiful things about it.  However, I thought I’d also share here that I do have to work at this perspective.  One of my friends recently asked me if I missed the life we had in Dallas.  I responded by telling her that there are definitely things that I miss, but that I don’t miss living there.  I said, “I haven’t really let that be an option for me since I knew we were leaving to live here long-term.  There are times when I miss aspects of my culture or dislike things about Spanish culture, but I spend a lot of time praying and asking God to give me deep love for Spain and its people.  I think he’s answering that prayer.”

I work really hard at loving Spain and at not complaining about it.  But, just like anyone, I have my days, and on those days, I take a break to sit on the couch and watch a movie or read a book.

So, for those of you who may be wondering, here is a list of some things I don’t like about my life in Spain: Dog poop everywhere, Often men and children use any tree or sparse bush as a bathroom, Big government and bureaucracy, Seafood tends to look back at me, Too cold in the winter and winter can last into mid-June, Honesty and integrity are not cultural values and the opposite is expected…And, just like I put about my list of things I love, there is more I could add.  (But, not “so much more” like the list of things I love.  🙂

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