Camp Commitment (Posted 9-4-2013)

Since summer is almost over and we now have some time to catch up, I’m excited to blog a little about our summer.  It’s been another fun one with camp, another move, vacation, and our home study visit for our adoption.

I’ll start with camp.

Camp is quite the commitment.  The first meeting was in February, and we met four or five times before camp.  Some people did prep work for the crafts, and there is often special shopping to do.  As you can see above, Spanish culture is big on costumes.  (I felt really Spanish when we spent twenty euros on one of Chad’s costumes for camp.  I have never done that before in my life.  Fortunately, after camp this year, we learned about some second-hand stores in Madrid that will be helpful in the future.)  Then, I easily spent an entire day packing.  Between the costumes, the crafts, the needed supplies, your own clothes and toiletries, everything needed for the night sleeping by the lake…etc, it ends up being quite a collection of stuff.  Camp itself is nine days and then you come home totally destroyed after averaging 4-5 hours a sleep and chasing teens the rest of the time.  Really, the month of July is basically camp.

Thus, Chad and I went into camp this year thinking that this would probably be our last year.  We are drawn to working with teens, but it is not our focus.  We are also not ready to give up our focus to make it working with teens.  So, it is just hard to know where camp, the huge commitment that it is, fits in our strategic plan.

Those were our thoughts going into camp.

Then, we arrived.  The students that attend this camp are wonderful kids.  We really enjoy working with the other adults who run the camp.  We were very needed as there were more kids and less counselors this year.  We both had the privilege to lead a group of students in Bible study each morning.  Through the environment at camp, we had more spiritual conversations in nine days than we had throughout the rest of the year.  We were able to see firsthand God working in lives.

Those facts are hard to ignore.  Depending on life circumstances and the doors God opens and closes, we can easily see being back next year.  What else can we do?

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