Christmas Cookies (Posted 2-19-2013)

Growing up, my parents and I made sugar cookies every Christmas.  We typically made several batches and gave cookies to the neighbors and ate tons ourselves.  All three of us participated and it was a special, much-anticipated family tradition.  Dad would eat the dough.  Mom would worry about burning the cookies.  I’d lick my fingers and then have to wash my hands a hundred times.  Oh, the memories.

A couple of weeks ago, I made a batch of sugar cookie dough, loaded up all of my decorations and sprinkled and headed to my friend’s house to share my tradition with her boys.  They had never done anything like it before and I think they really enjoyed it.

Some fun comments/stories from the morning:

As I shared with the boys about my family tradition of making cookies, D said, “That was when you had cousins, uncles, aunts…”  I smiled and told him that I still have family.  He thought that since he’s never seen or met my family, that I probably don’t have family any longer.  Haha.

The boys loved the colors of the icing and the sprinkles.  Sometimes it was hard to find the cookie below the sugar sprinkled on top.  I began encouraging the boys to only put a few sprinkles, but I soon realized that decorating the top was their favorite part and it was worth it to let them put what they wanted.

When we began decorating, I noticed that N was eating quite a few.  I told him that he couldn’t eat them all and he responded by telling me that he thought we were each eating what we decorated.  His mom and I laughed gently and told him that there was no way that we could eat all those cookies.  He stood by his opinion, stating that, of course, the five of us would share the cookies between us.  Such a cutie.  We managed to stop the eating and save a few to share with others.

We began a box of cookies for me to take home for Chad and me.  At first the boys seemed a little put out that I was going to take some, but soon they were excited and filling the box with cookies:  “This one is for Chad!”  “Julie, look, I made this one for you.”  I took the box home to Chad and jokingly told him that there was plenty of love and saliva (from licking their fingers) from the boys.  It took him a little bit to eat one, but I finally helped him over his germaphobia.  🙂

It is fun sharing some of our American traditions here.

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