En el Pueblo (Posted 6-1-2013)

We have adopted parents in our little church that have blessed immensely. They have kindly taken us under their wing and treated us as their own since we first arrived.

The other day they took us to their pueblo, or small town, where the gentleman of this couple grew up. Like many Spaniards, they inherited a home in the town when their parents passed on. They still head out to the pueblo from time to time for a little rest and relaxation. This last Thursday, they really wanted to take us along for the annual festival called Corpus Criste, a religious festival in which the whole town enthusiastically participates.

The details of the history behind the festival were a bit sketchy. However, from what our friends could remember, the catholic celebration has at least some of its roots in the pagan ancestry of the town.

Essentially, throughout the morning, there is a parade with dozens of men dressed as demons, and one other man wearing a dress that represents Satan. The demons and the “woman of sin” dance around to the beat of a pedantic drum for hours, depicting the reign of sin in the world. As the parade moves along past different altars in the street, a loud blast of some type goes off, and the demons bow before the Lord at the altar, representing submission to the Lord’s power and authority.

I ask, “does anyone believe anything about the symbolism behind the ritual?”

“No.” My friends replied. “Maybe a handful of the people who regularly attend mass, and perhaps the priests. But it’s more of a ritual than anything else.”

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