Julie’s Camp Experience (Posted 9-19-2012)

Although it’s been two months since camp, I’d like to share a few things about the experience.  For me (Julie) it has been the best week of ministry that I have had since arriving in Spain, and there are some things I have to share!

Over the last couple of years, the easiest way for me to give to others has been through my kitchen.  I have spent numerous hours in the kitchen cooking and baking, and I have loved nearly every minute.  When the opportunity to make cookies for the camp came up at a team meeting, I quickly volunteered.  I didn’t have any good craft ideas, nor do I have anything to contribute to the worship band, nor do I feel comfortable leading a devotional for the other leaders in Spanish, nor could I even picture what any of the activities were going to look like…etc.  But, make cookies for 75 people?!  I’d love to!

About three days before the camp, I made the dough.

Two days before, I baked them and froze them.  (Good thing the oven in our new apartment worked!  It could have been a sad way to learn it didn’t!)  I underbaked them by a minute or two in hopes that they would thaw and still be quite soft.

Using my favorite Pampered Chef scoop, I ended up with 27 dozen small cookies!  It was a little more than I intended, but I don’t believe any of them went to waste.

On our 3rd day of camp, we celebrated American night with country dancing, fun costumes, and chocolate chip cookies!  It was a fun night, and I was thankful that the students enjoyed the cookies.  It was interesting that most students only ate 1-3 small cookies even though most said that they really enjoyed them.  However, the leftovers went quickly the next morning, and it seems that some Spaniards would prefer to eat cookies for breakfast more than at any other time.

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