Sunday School Lesson (Posted 2-9-2013)

I, Julie, have the privilege to teach Sunday School more this spring.  It is a fun, challenge to figure out how to teach the Bible to 5 and 6 year olds in Spanish.

Two weeks ago at the beginning of the class, a new boy had a conversation with one of the girls that is a regular attender about my level of Spanish.  He has an Italian name, and I was having a lot of trouble pronouncing it.  All the kids were trying to help me.  Finally, the girl told this boy that I’m not a native Spanish speaker and that I’m learning Spanish.  He asked her if I spoke very much, and she said that I did.  Ah, it’s hard to escape language critique.  It was quite a funny conversation to overhear.

This particular Sunday, the lesson was about Joseph and his coat of many colors. I wasn’t particularly excited about the lesson plan for that day so I went searching online and found a lesson ( that shared the story of Joseph’s coat of many colors using different colors to share the main points of the story.  It also gave the kids a glimpse of the end that God works all things for good.

We looked at the following colors:

Green – Joseph’s brothers were green with envy.

Black – The brothers’ hearts were black with hate.

Black stripes – They sold Joseph into slavery.

Red – They killed a goat and spread the blood on Joseph’s special coat.

Blue – Joseph’s father, Jacob, was very sad.

We then worked on memorizing Romans 8:28.

I asked my friend to ask her son about the colors later, and she did.  He was able to tell her the story!  I was so excited and encouraged to receive her email!!

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