The Best and Worst of the Move (Posted 9-27-2013)

After our third big move in Spain and our billionth move as a married couple, we have decided the best thing you can say about a move is, “The worst is over!”  Moving is such a pain.  There simply is no way to get around it.  This was our first move where we hired a moving company, which was actually a ministry that offers moving services and provides jobs to individuals trying to get on their feet. Hiring movers did reduce some stress but not much.  Due to uncertainties with our contract, we actually had the whole van loaded before we knew that we would be able to pick up the keys to the apartment.  Our coffee table broke in half.  Our bed wouldn’t screw back together.  Let’s face it…Ikea furniture is not meant to be moved.  Then, of course, once you arrive, the fun of unpacking starts, and if you want to sleep that night, there are some important things that have to be put in place.

I hate moving.  It’s a part of life, a huge part of my life, but I hate it.  Okay, enough whining about the actual move.  We were actually fairly calm, and I was prepared to return and unpack the moving van if we truly couldn’t pick up the keys.

The results of the move have been rather pleasant.  Our new apartment is half the size of our old one, which means less cleaning for me.  (Yippeee!)  We now have a two bedroom, two bath, and we are back on one level.  (Chad just commented the other day that he uses less power on his phone each day because we are not texting between upstairs and downstairs.)  We like small spaces.  One of the main reasons I felt comfortable moving to the smaller apartment was because this apartment came with a storage unit downstairs.  That makes up for the missing bedroom.  Another big change in this apartment is that I no longer have a balcony.  This was a hard decision, but I’m actually just fine without it.  We have great windows, which provide tons of light and a great cross breeze during the warm weather.  If I get ambitious, we can also put plants on the window sills.

Besides enjoying our apartment, the location is great.  We moved to the neighborhood of our church and we are now within a one kilometer walk of church.  It is great to know that we have friends so close by, and we love walking to church.  Also, their are two buildings that make up our apartment complex and there are a lot of common outdoor spaces, i.e. pool, playground, grassy areas, padel court.  I stepped outside last night and there were so many people outside taking advantage of these spaces.  Between our apartment complex and our new neighborhood, we are dreaming of the opportunities to get to know new people and make new friends!

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