Unemployment in Spain (Posted 1-26-2013)

Today one of Spain’s leading news website ran a headline with this picture from the Great Depression and the title “España, como en tiempos de la Gran Depresión” (Spain, just like it was in the Great Depression). 

Taking into consideration that 80 years ago in the US we were living in different times, the following info is a bit like comparing apples and oranges. However, the figures are still interesting. Some of the statistics that this article shares are the following:

  1. • Spain’s unemployed outnumber the total population of 15 other European nations. 

  2. • Spain’s unemployment is only matched in Europe by Greece (26 percent!)

  3. • Unemployment in the US during the worst year of the Great Depression was at 23.9 percent, 2 percent less than Spain today.

  4. • If you combine the populations of Spain’s largest three cities (Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia), they still don’t add up to the total number of those unemployed in Spain (almost 6 million).

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