Have you ever heard of the sport called “Pádel”? Neither had I.

When someone first told about this rather trendy sport here in Spain, I couldn’t help but think of the little pádel my parents or grade school teacher picked up to spank me as a child. So are spanish parents making sport of spanking their kids? No. Pádel is an actual sport, a mix between racquetball and tennis. There are four players or two on each side of the court, which is about 2/3 the size of a tennis court. The dimensions are similar proportionately to tennis, but on the sides and back end of the court there are glass walls for an occasional ricochet. You use the walls almost exactly like you do in racquetball. It’s actually quite fun.

When a friend approached a couple of months ago to play in a tournament, I was skeptical. But I’ve kept at it, and I’ve been really thankful to start playing. It’s great exercise, but I can also connect with the majority of my friends in church. Almost every man my age plays, and we get together on Fridays for a couple hours. God has also provided us with access to a court in our apartment complex, so we often play together right here in our backyard.

I’m praying that God uses this little hobby to get to know my neighbors and strengthen friendships in our church.

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