Five April Photos

We are still awaiting the arrival of baby Evan, but in the meantime we are keeping busy with a few things. Here are some camera phone photos that illustrate how:


A few days ago I went on a biking trip with my friends David and Marcos. I have the helmet head as evidence.


Father’s day in Spain is in April. Here a couple of little girls from our church made me a happy father’s day art project. They were so excited to give it to me. 🙂


I’ve been helping our friends the Hudsons set up their new apartment. Unfortunately, our car is pretty small, and the Hudsons need to get their whole house up and running. Needless to say, this trip was packed. Can you find their 3 year old son in this picture? He’s really in the car, trust me!


The women of the sewing club from our church worked for 2 months on a blanket for Evan! It’s beautiful!


And last but not least, Julie at 39 weeks. Come and see us Evan!

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2 Responses to Five April Photos

  1. says:

    Awesome!! So glad to see you guys! We can’t wait to meet you Evan!

  2. Debbie Volkening says:

    Julie you looked amazing! If I didn’t know better I’d’ve thought there was a basketball tucked under there! 🙂 Can’t wait to meet Evan someday, now that he’s arrived! Love ya!

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