2014 Baptisms


Yesterday two of our friends were baptized at our church’s annual baptism service. Marcelo and Mariana stood before 40 of us and shared how God brought them from darkness into light. About 14 months ago Mariana nervously slid into the back row of our church because she felt disillusioned with the homilies at her catholic diesis. She hungered to know God’s Word but felt hindered by what she call’s the superficial and lifeless “thoughts” she learned at her church. I still remember when she walked in the doors of the church for the first time, sat down, and attentively listened to our pastor’s text centered message. After the service she walked up to Wences (our pastor) and said, “next week I’m going to bring my husband!” She did and they’ve never looked back since!

One highlight from Mariana’s testimony is that she referenced an illustration I gave in one of my sermons about consecration. I had lifted up a blank piece of paper and said that consecration means signing a blank contract before God and letting him fill in the details as we live life. Mariana said in her baptism testimony, “Chad, we’ve signed the contract and we are going to trust God!” What a blessing!

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