My Father’s World

A few weeks ago we were in the hospital with Evan.  He had an iv in his hand and we only had a radius of three feet to work with to entertain him, to feed him, to put him to sleep…etc.  It was tricky and exhausting.

At the same time, there was a lot going on in the world; things like the Ebola virus and wars and conflict were in the headlines.

One of the ways we found to put Evan to sleep was to play a version of “My Father’s World” that we have on our phones.  It’s the only song we have by this particular artist, and Evan loves it and relaxes instantly when he hears it.  Thus, I heard the song over and over again in the hospital, and it continues to be a regular in our home.

Do you know that if you listen to a song enough times, you can hear it even when it isn’t playing?  It’s true.

One of the verses in particular has caught my attention:

This is my Father’s world

Oh, and let me never forget

That though the wrong seems often so strong

God is the ruler yet

This is my Father’s world

Oh, the battle is not done

It’s Jesus who died will be satisfied

And the earth, heaven will be one

In the midst of all that has been going on in the world recently, it has been wonderful to meditate on the truths that God is in control of this world, that future victory is secure, and that one day all will be made right.

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