When a “Renewal Conference” Doesn’t Renew

We haven’t ever been this tired. Ever. Not even close.

This afternoon Julie and I took a stroll around a beautiful path overlooking the rolling mountains that surround Littleton, Colorado. With every pass on the winding road, we stopped in our tracks, absolutely in awe of the views of the mountains just a few miles due west of us. The area around WorldVenture headquarters is certainly worth the price of the ride out here.

Normally we’d take advantage of a path like this every day. It’s right next to where we are staying. However, we’ve been here two weeks and today was the first time we could escape our mission meetings and suck up some of the mile high air. And when we finally did get away, we were both so exhausted we could barely walk a straight line.

Our lack of rest is actually kind of ironic. Last week our mission hosted its annual Renewal Conference–a time for resting and renewal...a time to meet perspective missionary candidates. This week we are at headquarters debriefing with the mission’s counselors and talking about what God has taught us from our first term on the field. We usually would be all over the opportunity to seek out wise counsel and advice, to process and to grow. I’m sure the Renewal Conference was great. I just don’t remember very much of what happened. I’m sure the counsel has been great, but unfortunately I’m drawing a blank on that too.

So why has none of this refreshed us? Why are we bloodshot and living on five coffees a day? Why aren’t we listening well when the counselors are speaking? Why can’t I remember my middle name? The answer can be found in four little letters: E-V-A-N. He is sleeping worse than any infant in the history of sleeping infants. I’m just sure of it. Last night he woke up at least 12 times or almost every 30 minutes, screaming bloody murder. We’ve been taking shifts and trying to survive as we care for him, but the lack of sleep is really start to grind on us.

This week we’ve implemented some pretty radical changes in the way we are going to sleep train and are hoping that it does the trick. We’ve read some things and sought out professional help. Please pray that the new changes work and that Evan sleeps at least two hours at a time.

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