A Spanish Thanksgiving

Awhile ago, Thanksgiving holiday rolled around and Julie and I would experience a good bit of homesickness. We missed the holiday atmosphere and the excitement in the air. We missed the experience of packing up bags and heading off to see family. We missed sitting around the table and looking into the eyes of family and friends as we thanked the Lord for his provision. Obviously Spaniards don’t celebrate the holiday so most of our friends didn’t even realize we were especially homesick the third week in November.

This year, for some reason, our Spanish friends caught the Thanksgiving bug. They approached us in early November with the idea of having a Thanksgiving feast the Saturday after Thanksgiving. One elder and his wife were particularly interested in organizing the event and set out to recruit volunteers. Julie helped translate and then pass out recipes to a few cooks–many who had never even seen food like stuffing or mashed potatoes. I was in charge of telling the Thanksgiving story. Honestly, I didn’t remember much of what I learned in fourth grade about pilgrims coming together with native tribes, so I consulted with the best sources available to me. It’s amazing what you can learn on Wikipedia.

Overall, the day was a success in the sense that we came together in a spirit of worship and true thanksgiving before our God. As is usually the case with ministry in Spain, we can’t write about anything particularly earth-shattering in significance. We do know that God was present and moving in our hearts as we thanked the Lord, and that is worth celebrating.

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