Move #13

2015 ended with a bang for us: we moved! The worst part was eleven days from start to finish, but God graciously provided a nice, larger apartment for us.

At the end of November, our landlord called to ask if we would be interested in purchasing the apartment. She assured us that we could continue renting if we were not interested, but she expressed a desire to sell and offered the apartment to us at a good price. Although we loved many things about the apartment and we would love to have more stability in our housing situation, it was simply too small for our growing family.

Early in December, Chad communicated our decision to our landlord, and she proceeded to inform us that someone else was interested in purchasing the apartment and that she was willing to sell as of January 1, 2016. We quickly realized that we were in a precarious situation with someone who was in a desperate financial straits. We consulted our lawyer. After reviewing our contract, talking with our landlord, and doing some research on our particular housing situation, our lawyer recommended that we move by December 31. We had just under three weeks!

Unfortunately, we have a fair amount of experience with looking for apartments and moving here in Spain. It is not an easy process. It is difficult to find something you like, that meets your needs, at a good price, unfurnished, with a good landlord, who is willing to handle the rental legally. As we have learned, having a good contract does not mean that you will be treated legally and the stress of a legal battle or having a bad landlord is not worth it. We could have fought our landlord legally and stayed through the summer, but we did not want to deal with that stress. We made the quick decision to find another apartment and started looking the next day. Although there were only a handful of rentals available in our neighborhood, one of them was perfect for us and available right away! That was a definite God thing.

It was difficult for us to accept that we needed to move again. We loved so many things about where we were. We were getting to know our neighbors, and there were many children Evan’s age in our complex. The padel court downstairs had provided many ministry opportunities for Chad. Plus, due to moving, we had to cancel some ministry opportunities in December and invest all of our time and energy into packing/unpacking boxes. Finally, we now have to do another home study for our adoption and bring a social worker from the US for another visit. At the same time, it is very clear that God had our time in the other apartment to be done and it’s like He picked us up and put us in another location saying, “Now it’s my plan for you to be here.” We are enjoying our new apartment, and we are looking for the opportunities to serve and love people in our new home.

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2 Responses to Move #13

  1. Cathy Lane says:

    Hey Julie and Chad,

    I am sorry you had to move…sounds like there was a lot more to it than just a move. Praying for God to show you your new mission fields he would like you all in relationship with.

    When you have a minute will you please send me your new address? Thank you!!

    Blessings as you serve!
    Cathy Lane
    Europe/Middle East Ministries Assistant
    720-283-2000 | Ext. 2760 | Facebook | Twitter | Official Sites

  2. Rachel says:

    Thanks for your godly focus! Continuing to pray for you and your ministry!
    Roy & Rachel

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