What Have We Been Up To?

Here are some ways we are attempting to partner with God’s church in God’s work these last few weeks:

  1. Chad and the doctorate – I had an oral exam in London a couple of weeks ago and passed! More than anything, it was a reminder of the mountain of work ahead. However, I am more convinced than ever that this step will help me serve the Spanish church. This work has been great, sharpening me through intensive study in the Scriptures.
  2. Christmas play – Right after Christmas, our church presented a Christmas play to the kids of a children’s hospital in the center of the city. We simply supported the effort to reach out to those lost and hurting, but were proud of the team that put it together. Below is a picture of conversations taking place after the show. IMG_2340
  3. Elder retirement – Our church celebrated the ministry of Pépe, an elder who served 39 years. Our little community knows how to celebrate years of faithful perseverance, and we did a good job of thanking him. Now, as we look ahead, a gap of leadership needs to be filled. Please pray for me as I participate in important conversations with the leadership team for upcoming leadership decisions. Below is a picture of me with Pépe. IMG_2352
  4. Youth ministry and small group – Our small group is moving ahead with a study in the book of Ruth. We are also putting together a youth group and have 7 young people attending.  There are exciting evangelism and discipleship opportunities in both groups.
  5. Team member care – God has moved us to support our team on the field through hospitality and general member care. We appreciate the opportunities to help others not make all the mistakes we did!
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