The Spanish ZECNT Project

Spanish pastors and teaching elders are often pressed for time for a variety of reasons. They work full time jobs outside the church and minister to the congregation when they can. Consequently, it is quite common that they struggle to put together a sermon the Saturday evening before they preach. Obviously, this affects the kind of messages that they can put together.

I am grateful for the Bible school and seminary training that I have received. It is humbling to know how many benefits this has provided me. I have hundreds of hours under my belt studying under what I consider to be some of the best Bible teachers in the world (Of course, I’m biased.). Even more, I have hundreds of books and articles available in English from incredible scholars. On the chance that I have to put together a message quickly, I can get the big idea of a passage and rather rapidly put together a sermon or lesson. My Spanish friends don’t have this advantage.

Our friends and colleagues Jon and Kathy Haley are attempting to address the issue of adequacy in sermon preparation. They are investing hundreds, probably even thousands of hours in order to provide the kind of resources that will help the Spanish pastor. They are translating the Zondervan Exegetical Commentaries on the New Testament. These commentaries will be an invaluable resource for pastors and teachers attempting to faithfully preach and teach God’s Word.

They have also asked me to help them out. I will be one of the proofreaders for the project. They haven’t yet passed along the necessary drafts for me to get to work, but they are coming soon and I’m excited to get started! The first commentary is on Ephesians.

Please pray that God helps Jon and Kathy raise the necessary funds and that they can meet their deadlines for translating this vital resource.

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