Ok. So the title for this post is a bit exaggerated. However, I did help write up some teaching materials that were published by the Spanish government. Let me explain.

Essentially, I helped draft a syllabus for a high school hermeneutics (Bible Study) course. The course is meant for high school students in public schools that decide they want a course on evangelical Christianity. It is kind of an odd system, but Spain allows students to choose between various types of religion courses. They can choose between islam, Christianity, Buddhism, as well as variations like Protestant or Catholic Christianity. Recently, an evangelical Christian organization was asked to write the curriculum for the Protestant version of a course. I knew one of the authors and was asked to lend a hand with the section on hermeneutics.

So, there you have it. I pray that my contribution will help teachers wisely craft course materials for the handful of students opting to take this course.

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