The last four weeks we have been able to spend time with my (Chad) parents in Missouri. The reason for the surprise visit is that my mom has been diagnosed with cancer and is undergoing strong doses of chemotherapy. We are around to help with chores in the house, as well as figure out the medications, appointments, treatments, etc. Most of all, we have also had some sweet time of fellowship and encouragement together.

I am particularly thankful for the ability to be with my mom and let her know how much I appreciate her. When I was a little guy, my mom taught me what it means to know Christ as personal Savior. I received Christ as a direct result of her diligent teaching. Beyond this, she taught me much more about the Bible. She helped me apply God’s Word while navigating my insecurities in public speaking or sports’ achievements/failures. She helped me understand the importance of finding a Christian spouse. She always built me up and positively reinforced Christ-centered decisions. She continues to pray for me, support me, and encourage me, even as she struggles these days with fatigue.

I don’t think it is an exaggeration to say that mom has invested in me more than almost anyone on the planet, so it is a bit of an understatement to say I am grateful to have this month with her.

We are also thankful for the churches that helped pay for our flight last month. Two supporting churches came together to cover the total cost of the trip, eliminating a significant financial burden.

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4 Responses to Thankful

  1. Donna Hoskins says:

    Julie and Chad, so sorry to learn that Chad’s mother has cancer, and we will pray that the chemo is effective. We are do thankful that the chemo that I had was effective and I have been cancer free for 8 years. When I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins lymphoma in ’04, every source we read said that it was incurable and the average survival time following diagnosis was 5 years, and here I have had 13 years. We praise God for his giving me more time to see and enjoy grandchildren and great grand children . We have been greatly blessed that both of us are in good health. Bo will be 86 June 27 and I will be 81, July 1. I don’t feel old–but, my body gets tired much more easily than it used to. Bo watches over me carefully so that I am taken care of carefully.
    I received such good care at M. D. Anderson Cancer Hospital in Houston. If your mother doesn’t improve, we highly recommend it.
    we will be praying for you and your parents and especially for your mother’s healing.
    In our Savior’s love,

    Bo and Donna Hoskins

    • julieandchad says:

      Thank you for your reply. I remember how you were diagnosed with lymphoma in 04. It is amazing how the Lord has been gracious and given you great care. Thank for the suggestion concerning the cancer center in Houston. We will keep that in mind. In Christ, Chad

  2. Cathy Lane says:

    Hi Chad and Julie,

    I just read your newsletter. Chad, I am sorry to hear about your mom being diagnosed with cancer. Thankful you could be with her during this time and what great memories of your mom. Thank you for Praying for you and your mom as you walk through the process of chemotherapy.

    Praying for you and your family,
    Cathy Lane
    Europe/Middle East Ministries Assistant
    720-283-2000 | Ext. 2760

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