Back in Spain

More than a week ago we decided to come back to Spain. I thought I would share a couple of our highlights since we’ve been home here.

Two days after we arrived, we went to an annual Sunday service that our church has in the mountains near Madrid. We arrived late, but when we walked up a little hill to surprise our church friends, they welcomed us with applause! It was special to hear their clapping, to see their smiles, and hug and kiss them. It reminds me of the warmth of greeting that Paul encouraged his congregations to have for one another.

A couple days later, in the evening, Julie and I were walking through our nightly ritual with Evan before bedtime: bath, story, prayer, and song. Out of nowhere, Evan started to sing along with us to the song “Jesus Loves Me”–word for word. This was the first time he had ever even attempted to sing with us. He did a nice job, and as he sang, we couldn’t help but look at one another with hearts full of joy. There is just something special about your children taking developmental leaps, and more importantly, joining you as you praise Jesus!

Last Sunday, I was able to share an important conversation I had with my Mom while we were with her in the states. I stood up during the testimony time before a quite full service–perhaps 60 people were in attendance–and shared how my Mom has reiterated that no matter what happens with this cancer, her situation is a “win-win.” In other words, if she goes home to Christ, she will be with Christ in paradise. If she overcomes the cancer, she will have the opportunity to live for Christ here on earth. I read Philippians 1:21 as I closed out my thought. I pray God uses her faithful response to encourage many in our church.


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One Response to Back in Spain

  1. Grace Standard says:

    A-men! Your mom’s response has been what I would expect from Patti– an eternal perspective, no matter what! I have been blessed by her over the years and once again, blessed by her recent attitude. She is demonstrating godliness in her current physical health issues of accepting cancer with grace. To God be the glory!

    Sending love to you, Julie and Evan,❤️!

    John & Gracey

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