Thankful to God for 2016

Julie and I put the boys to bed last night at 9:30pm, but we did stay up to play a board game and welcome in the new year. We reflected on some highlights from 2016 as a family. Here are just some of ways we thanked God:

  1. Welcoming Eric into our family has been a blessing. It definitely hasn’t always been easy, but we celebrate how Eric has fit right in with us.
  2. It has been delightful to watch Evan and Eric’s personalities blossom this year. They are so very different–Eric more happy-go-lucky and Evan more persistent–but we get excited thinking about how God could channel their special personalities and gifts for his glory.
  3. We reflect with joy on the conversation we had 9 months ago in which Julie told me she was pregnant.
  4. We made it spiritually, physically, psychologically, through the most challenging international trip of our lives.
  5. The Cubs won the World Series!
  6. I (Chad) have been able to work through some pretty tough bumps in the road with in my doctoral research.
  7. I especially enjoyed a moment I had with my siblings in June of this year. We were all together during mom’s cancer treatment and staying the night at mom and dad’s place. Before heading to bed, we had a conversation on the roof of my parent’s house, and as we were looking up at the stars, we brainstormed how to love mom and dad as best as possible.
  8. My mom has been able to fight and come out the other side of very difficult cancer treatment. We are thrilled she is doing much better.


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