Let’s Not Grow Weary

Julie and I have been singing a song to one another these days. It’s a children’s tune from Steve Green in his Bible verse series, and we’ve enjoyed as much, if not more, than our boys. It is Steve Green singing in an upbeat style a quotation from Galatians 6:9: “Let us not grow weary in doing good, in due season you shall reap.” I suppose you could say that the song matches the concept, with its cheery melody. But more importantly, the message is clear; no matter what, keep on doing what God has called you to.

Right now, Julie and I need this verse. Even though we’ve recently been encouraged by open doors, there are always opportunities to be weary, to coast, or to despair. Always! I honestly think that at any given moment in our seven years in Spain this little line could have functioned as something of a “go to verse.” In each of the various seasons, with their unique challenges, Galatians 6:9 has been God’s exhortation to us. Whether it has been support raising, infertility and loss, language training, culture shock, abuses, rejection, secularism, more culture shock, or more rejection, God breaks in to speak to our hearts and says, “Do not grow weary! Keep doing what is right!”


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