Tracking Time with Toggl

One simple tool I use in order to keep myself accountable with time is called Toggl. It helps me monitor all my activities or ministries, even down to the more insignificant details. At the end of every week, month, and year, I can see where I have participated in God’s work in Spain.

I use Toggl for a variety of reasons. On one level, it is immensely helpful to see the year end reports. Basically I try and keep a balance between work in theological education, church ministry, and evangelism. Occasionally Toggl has reminded me to reign in my workaholic spirit. Any work week that exceeds 50-60 hours is simply too much for a man with three young children.

The main reason I use toggl is for maximizing stewardship of time and money. God has taught us that our time is not our own, and he also has taught us that our resources are not our own. All our time, and all our money, is God’s. And as stewards, God asks us to use both of these resources wisely. For example, Ephesians 5:16 encourages us to make the most of opportunities because the “days are evil,” and Luke 12:33-34 teaches us to store up our treasures in heaven through giving our money away to the poor.

In some ways, I think that it is easier for us to remember that we are stewards because of our work. As missionaries, we receive our salary from churches and individuales that sacrificially give to God, for God’s work in Spain. Often we feel more deeply the weightiness of how we use our time and our money because of the sacrificial giving of others. After all, it is only through these gifts that we are on the front lines in Spain.  Toggl has become a practical way for me to have peace in my heart as I work towards healthy stewardship.

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