Neighborhood Unrest

We live in a small neighborhood that is located on the edges of Madrid. It is one of the older and poorer areas of the city, with a high population of people 65 or older. Communities like ours are experiencing a bit more unrest these days, mainly because of the rising costs of living and a broken social security system. Due in large part to the government’s mammoth political corruption, unemployment is on the rise and pensions have effectively forced millions below the poverty line. For example, 3 million people are receiving 400-600 euros a month for social security. At the same time, many of these retirees are using their embarrassing pension to support their unemployed family members. The unemployment rate has been holding strong at 20 percent for almost 7 years now.

The consequence of all of this is that many people, especially unemployed younger people, are taking their angst to the streets. Vandalism is rising. Radical leftist groups with ultra-feminist ideology are gaining more support. Just as an illustration of some of this anger, I took a picture of some fresh graffiti in our neighborhood. It appears to be from a group of ultra-feminists taking out their frustration on men in positions of power. It reads “I am not your mommy. If I was, I would have aborted you.” I think this adequately illustrates the situation.

The unrest in the Spaniard’s heart will not be resolved by political agendas or political ideologies. The only hope is Jesus. The only hope for the young ladies who vandalized this wall is the power of the Gospel and the regeneration of their sinful hearts.


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