Teaching Greek in Spain

Chad has been actively involved in training future leaders of the Spanish church through the teaching of New Testament Greek. He taught and tutored privately from 2012-14, and during the 2014-15 school year he launched online classes of first year Greek at the EET.

Teaching online Greek with a program called Moodle presents unique opportunities and challenges. Attached you can see one video that gives a sample of the type of resources that Chad has developed for the first trimester class.

One of Chad’s interests is seeking out teaching practices that cater to multiple learning styles. For more visual and auditory learners, he is working on a series of videos that present representations of the parables with Koiné Greek pronunciation. Below you can watch a series of videos that facilitate this kind of learning. Chad is also hopeful that this will help more advanced students memorize God’s Word in Greek. The passage utilized is Matthew 21:33-36. Many thanks to Ricardo Diez for the wonderful drawings!


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