Teaching Greek in Spain

I (Chad) am involved in training future leaders of the Spanish church through the teaching of New Testament Greek. I taught and tutored privately from 2012-14, and during the 2014-15 school year I launched online classes of first year Greek at the EET. In the Spring semester of 2018, I am set to teach the third Greek course.

Teaching online Greek with a program called Moodle presents unique opportunities and challenges. Attached you can see one video that gives a sample of the type of work that I do for the courses.

One of my interests is teaching practices that cater to multiple learning styles. For more visual and auditory learners, I have been working on a series of videos that present representations of the parables with Koiné Greek pronunciation. Below you can watch a couple of videos that facilitate this kind of learning. I am hopeful that this will help more advanced students memorize God’s Word in Greek. The first video is based around Matthew 21:33-36. Many thanks to Ricardo Diez for the wonderful drawings!

This second video is an example of a resource that I have worked on for Greek III. As the learner advances, I hope that they can watch these videos and assimilate the Greek, even understand the majority of the content.


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